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What will this class involve.

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1 What will this class involve. on Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:47 pm


This class will involve various course work from around the web. This class is aimed towards those in public services and will help those that actually WANT to be elite in their current fields. NO, You WILL NOT receive a diploma, certificate, etc from my class. HOWEVER, you will receive certificates from FEMA, continued education credits, Transferable college credits, get CPR certified and gain a vast amount of knowledge. My free online class will only benefit the you the student and ensure you have the advantage when the time comes. Mostly we will be working out of the Fema IS catalog, however, There will be courses from the national institute of justice (NIJ) and a couple others that will improve your knowledge and get you to the top. Additional, I will be working in sync with students.

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